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QuickBooks Online(QBO)

QBO is subscription based online accounting system which means you are no longer tied down to your computer.  No more backups, no more accountant’s copy files, no more transferring files around and not being sure who has the most current version.  This allows you to give access to those you specifically select online access to your books wherever they are located.  Thereby allowing Add’em Up to update your books from an offsite location freeing up your office, computer and valuable work space for other things.

Benefits of Using QBO

  • Data is stored in a secure data center so you can access your books from any computer with an internet connection, including web-enabled devices like the iPad.
  • Allows you to stay on top of your books when and where it is most convenient for you.
  • Since you are accessing QBO over the internet, there are no servers to maintain and no required software updates, which reduces your IT costs.
  • Access to a wide variety of add-on programs available in the Intuit App Center can help you take QBO to the next level.
  • Want to do your payroll or invoice your customers from your phone? There’s even an app for that!

The staff Add’em Up has gone through special training to become Certified ProAdvisors for QuickBooks Online.   However, QBO is not a perfect fit for every business and there are still some tasks you can do with QuickBooks desktop versions that you will not be able to do with QuickBooks Online.

Before you go to the process of converting to QBO only to find out that you can’t use price levels as you have in the past, let us help you decide if QBO is the right fit for you.

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