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Our business is bookkeeping. What is your business?

Let’s get serious. Unless you started a business to do bookkeeping, payroll, prepare invoices, track income, determining due dates on all the various taxes and managing finances, your dream job or business involved something entirely different. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time doing the things that make you money?

Add’em Up helps you utilize your time more efficiently, helps you make more money and frees you to do the things that you are passionate about. We are passionate about helping clients manage their business. Whether you are a client who enjoys the freedom of online bookkeeping or a client who prefers face to face consulting, Add’em Up provides the assistance you need to make your business thrive. Why not call us today to schedule your free 30 minute consultation today!

Outsourced Bookeeping

Our outsourced bookkeeping services provide you with experienced support at a small fraction of that cost of hiring an employee. We work with you to help manage the paperwork so you can continue to guide your business to success.Learn More

Online Payroll

Why pay payroll companies lots of money to handle your simple payroll needs, when Add’em Up can help you process payroll online including direct deposits at a fraction of the cost? Learn More

Tune Up Services


Add’em Up can help you catch up on your bookkeeping, handle your weekly or monthly bookkeeping needs and provide you with in depth analysis to ensure your business is running smoothly. Learn More

QuickBooks Online

QBO by Intuit is a subscription based, online system that allows you, your staff and your bookkeeper to manage the same set of books from anywhere, anytime. No more being tied down to your computer!!! Learn More
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